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LinkedIn In 30 Minutes is a Foreword Indies winner

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I am pleased to announce that one of our top-selling titles — LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, Second Editionis a Foreword Indies winner. The book, by author Angela Rose, explains how to get the most out of LinkedIn, from creating a rock-solid profile to finding a job. Angela’s book was considered a top pick by the judges (librarians and booksellers working with the organizers of the Foreword Reviews competition) and received an honorable mention in the Career category. Considering this year was a record year for award submissions (there were some 15 entries in this category alone), this was no small feat. Foreword Reviews describes the selection process as follows:

As part of their mission to discover, review, and share the best books from small, university, and indie publishers (and authors), independent media company Foreword Reviews hosts its annual awards program each year. Finalists represent the best books published in 2016, and submitted to Foreword Reviews for award consideration, and were narrowed down by Foreword’s editors from over 2,200 individual titles spread across 65 categories. …

INDIES finalists are moved on to final judging by an expert panel of librarians and booksellers curated specifically for each genre and who will determine the books who will be named Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award winners. Winners in each genre—along with Editor’s Choice winners, and Foreword’s INDIE Publisher of the Year—will be announced during the 2017 American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago on June 24, 2017.

Congratulations to Angela for her hard work on LinkedIn In 30 Minutes. We have just updated the second edition with new information, screenshots, and best practices in line with LinkedIn’s new interface. For more information about the book or to order LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, please visit the companion website to the book, located at linkedin.in30minutes.com.

In 30 Minutes guides featured in the Midwest Book Review

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In 30 Minutes guides received word today that two new books — LinkedIn In 30 Minutes (2nd Edition) by Angela Rose and Twitter In 30 Minutes (3rd Edition) by Ian Lamont — were reviewed in the May 2016 Midwest Book Review.

In the world of professional book reviews, Midwest Book Review has been a respected source for reviews since the 1970s. They don’t take payment for reviews, which insulates the reviewers from commercial considerations. We are honored to be picked for inclusion!

The Midwest Book Review editor-in-chief found out about these two titles through the Independent Book Publishers Association, and reached out to request copies of LinkedIn In 30 Minutes and Twitter In 30 Minutes. The resulting reviews can be seen in Volume 11, No. 5 of the Midwest Book Review Library Bookwatch, under “Reviewer’s Choice.” The reviews will be available online for five years, but we are also publishing them below:

Midwest Book Review: LinkedIn In 30 Minutes

LinkedIn in 30 Minutes (2nd Edition)
By Angela Rose
i30 Media Corp.
ISBN 9781939924520
$11.99 pbk / $7.99 Kindle www.amazon.com

Midwest Book Review: LinkedIn In 30 MinutesPart of the “In 30 Minutes” guide series for newcomers to the digital revolution, and now in an updated second edition, LinkedIn in 30 Minutes is a user-friendly guide to the career-focused social media network LinkedIn.

Readers will swiftly learn how to build a solid profile, and start networking online. Black-and-white computer screenshots illustrate the easy-to-follow examples of what to do and not do. In today’s technology-driven era, LinkedIn is increasingly the tool of choice for locating the right job, or the right person to fill a vacancy; knowing how it works is vital for success!


Midwest Book Review: Twitter In 30 Minutes

Twitter in 30 Minutes (3rd Edition)
By Ian Lamont
i30 Media Corp.
ISBN: 9781939924476
$11.99 pbk / $7.99 Kindle www.amazon.com

Midwest Book Review: Twitter In 30 Minutes Part of the “In 30 Minutes” guide series for newcomers to the digital revolution, and now in an updated third edition, Twitter in 30 Minutes is a reader-friendly guide to using this social media platform, known for its unique limitation of restricting individual “tweets” (public posts) to no more 140 characters.

Chapters cover how to use Twitter to connect with people, how to write memorable tweets, and how to quickly sort through tweets to extract relevant information. Black-and-white screenshots illustrate examples in this plain-terms guidebook, highly recommended for business professionals, hobbyists, and essentially anyone ready to join the 21st century!

LinkedIn In 30 Minutes gets a complete refresh

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Publisher i30 Media is pleased to announce a completely revised second edition of its top-selling LinkedIn book, LinkedIn In 30 Minutes. Written by author Angela Rose (bio), the new title explores the basics of setting up an effective LinkedIn profile, best practices for cultivating a network, and how to use LinkedIn to find a job.

LinkedIn book, LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, 2nd EditionLinkedIn In 30 Minutes (2nd Edition) also explores the updated LinkedIn interface. Since the first edition of the guide was released in 2013, LinkedIn has streamlined the interface while introducing or expanding new features. For instance, whereas LinkedIn used to be all about building a profile and growing a network, now there is a greater emphasis on reading or contributing content through LinkedIn updates or longer essay-style posts. The idea that LinkedIn wants to promote is linkedin.com is more than a career network or online resume — it’s a destination for learning and keeping up to date.

Rose expertly covers the newer features, but spends a lot of time in Chapter 3 getting into the nuts and bolts of creating an effective profile. She uses several real LinkedIn users as examples, including a Coast Guard officer, a financial journalist, and a website operator, and has lots of easy-to-digest checklists of profile elements that really matter … as well as things that don’t (“Six sections you can skip or save for later”).

LinkedIn Jobs: More than one place to look

People who want to leverage LinkedIn to find a new job should take a close look at Chapter 6 of the new guide. While it’s easy enough to click the Jobs link in the toolbar, or start a search for a specific position, the author points out that there are several other places to look for open jobs, including company pages, groups, and (of course) one’s own LinkedIn network.

LinkedIn In 30 Minutes (2nd Edition) is available now in paperback and ebook editions for Kindles, iPads, and other mobile devices. Go to the official book website located at linkedin.in30minutes.com to see the available download and purchasing options.

How to spend 30 minutes on a LinkedIn Summer Makeover

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STUMBLERS — Thanks for visiting! Special offer: Visit this link to receive 50% off the PDF of LinkedIn In 30 Minutes!

One of our most successful titles is LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, by Melanie Pinola. This summer, we’re planning to share some LinkedIn love with a special promotion aimed at helping you give your LinkedIn profile a much-needed makeover!

LinkedIn User Guide

Why would your LinkedIn profile need a makeover? Maybe it’s because the last time you updated it was when George W. Bush was still president. Or, maybe you’re left key elements out. Even if you regularly update it with new job titles and summaries, you are probably missing out on some opportunities to really make it shine. This is not only useful for people actively searching for new positions, but also for so-called “passive” candidates who are satisfied with their current job but would respond if the right offer popped up.

LinkedIn In 30 Minutes is a quick summer read that will give you lots of practical advice on how to get your profile optimized. It includes sections about:

  • LinkedIn registration and basic profile setup
  • How building a LinkedIn profile is different than creating a resume
  • How to find the right keywords to include in your profile
  • Three things your LinkedIn profile must communicate
  • Real-world examples of successful profiles and keywords

LinkedIn In 30 Minutes also has lots of tips about how to effectively network using LinkedIn. Having the right set of connections can make a huge difference when it comes time to look for a new job or advance your career, and Melanie’s guide has got you covered with explanations of the following topics:

  • How to find people to connect with
  • Crafting personalized connection invitations
  • How to address unemployment, résumé gaps, or a career change
  • LinkedIn Groups: Pros, cons, and participation strategies

Finally, she covers the LinkedIn job market, from how to find job listings to tactics for accessing the “hidden” job market on LinkedIn.

So, how can you get started with your LinkedIn Summer Makeover? We’ve already given away free copies of the paperback edition on Goodreads, and will also have giveaways for the iTunes and PDF editions — keep an eye on the @in30minutes Twitter account for announcements, which will take place throughout the summer. But if you don’t want to wait, we’ve dropped the price of the Kindle and all other ebook editions to just $4.99 (a savings of nearly 30%!). Load it up on your Kindle/iPad/Nook or Android e-reader today, so you can have it ready, whether you’re at the beach or lounging at your favorite vacation spot!

A guide for people who don’t get LinkedIn

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A few months ago, an entrepreneur confided to me that he didn’t “get” LinkedIn. Yes, he had a profile (basically a copy of his résumé) and the beginnings of a network. But he didn’t know what he was supposed to do with it, or how LinkedIn could help him. I was surprised, because he has the largest Rolodex I’ve ever seen — more than 4,000 contacts.

It turned out that he wasn’t the only one. I asked around and discovered that many of my real-world friends and colleagues either didn’t have a profile, or just filled in the basics and left it dead in the water. Like the entrepreneur, they had hundreds or even thousands of career contacts in the real world, but hadn’t made the jump to online career networking. “What’s the point?” they asked. “How can it benefit me?”

LinkedIn User GuideIf you’re nodding your head as you read this, then you need to get LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, by author Melanie Pinola. It’s a LinkedIn user guide that targets people who are new to the career networking service, as well as people who have rudimentary profiles in need of a serious makeover. It not only explains why LinkedIn is so important, it also shows how to use it, using examples, screenshots, and step-by-step explanations delivered in plain English. LinkedIn In 30 Minutes is available for purchase in a half-dozen formats, including paperback, a Kindle edition, the iPad version, and even a PDF. The official product website also contains some basic resources for people new to LinkedIn (“What is LinkedIn?“) and a growing library of bonus resources about LinkedIn.

The author, Melanie Pinola, knows her stuff. Not only has she written about LinkedIn for Lifehacker, she has also experienced LinkedIn as many people do — she started with a basic profile, but didn’t really appreciate the value of the career network at first. She describes her early experience in Chapter 4:

I have a confession to make. Once upon a time, I was a lackluster LinkedIn member. My profile was basically a duplicate of my résumé. I rarely interacted with other members. I didn’t join any groups.

In other words, I was like many people who are “on” LinkedIn but not seriously using it because the site is seen as more of a job-searching tool.

After learning about all the ways LinkedIn can help professionals in all stages of their careers, I wish I had been using LinkedIn more effectively from the very beginning.

For one thing, just having an updated profile and being active on the network makes you a more attractive employee or career professional. It’s like wearing a badge that says “Yes, I care about my career and what I do (and I’m poachable!).”

Also, I think we’ve all realized by now that no job lasts forever. It’s better to be ahead of the curve by being active on LinkedIn and cultivating relationships before you need it to find a job.

There’s more. LinkedIn is also a gold mine of information about people, companies, and industries. It’s growing increasingly more valuable as a career enhancer, with more tools and features being regularly added to the network.

Melanie’s insights deliver huge value to anyone getting started with LinkedIn. For a small investment of time and money (it costs less than a pizza!), LinkedIn In 30 Minutes will help you create a rock-solid online career presence. Check out the contents of the guide here, and then buy it here. You won’t regret it.