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Personal Finance For Beginners LinkedIn user guide Windows 8 guide book Dropbox user guide jQuery plugin guide

C Diff book Easy Chinese Recipes Google Drive guide Twitter guide Online Content Marketing guide

In 30 Minutes® guides make it easy to understand Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google Drive, Excel and other technology-related topics. Recently, we expanded the series to include health (C. Diff In 30 Minutes), programming (jQuery Plugin Development In 30 Minutes), personal finance (Personal Finance For Beginners In 30 Minutes), and cooking (Easy Chinese Recipes In 30 Minutes). Using plain English explanations, step-by-step instructions, and lots of screenshots, the series can quickly get you up to speed! They’re perfect for plane trips, lunchtime reads, meeting preparation, and other situations that require learning about select technologies, business concepts, and other topics in a short period of time. The guides also serve as handy references.

Here’s what readers have to say about the In 30 Minutes series:

LinkedIn In 30 Minutes

  • “This book does everything it claims. I gives you a great introduction to linkedin and gives you tips on how to make a good profile.”
  • “After reading this book (it’s a short and super-fast read), I logged into LinkedIn right away and immediately applied some of the author’s advice to improve my profile. Much of what is in the book is common sense but there are lots of easy, simple suggestions on how to get the most out of LinkedIn, whether you’re looking for like-minded people or mentors in your industry, job-seeking, or simply trying to advance your career.”
  • “I already had a LinkedIn account, which I use on a regular basis, but still found the book very helpful. The author gave examples and explained why it is important to detail and promote your account. Reading this book has motivated me to return to my account and update it to make it more thorough and attention-grabbing.”

Dropbox In 30 Minutes

  • “I was intimidated by the whole idea of storing my files in the cloud, but this book took me through the process and made it so easy.”
  • “Very engaging and witty”
  • “I was impressed with this guide and obtained a better understanding as well as learned several new tools, tricks and uses for Dropbox. Thank you so much!
  • “This was truly a 30-minute tutorial and I have mastered the basics without bugging my 20-year-old son! Yahoo!”

Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes

  • “I’ve been using Google Docs for a while now and have been encouraging my teacher colleagues to do so as well to facilitate collaboration. It has become my go-to text book to help new users understand quickly.”
  • “I bought your Google Docs guide myself (my new company uses it) and it was really handy. I loved it.”

Excel Basics In 30 Minutes

  • “An excellent little guide. For those that already know their way around Excel, it’ll be a good refresher course. For those that don’t, it’s a clear, easy-to-follow handbook of time-saving and stress-avoiding skills in Excel. Definitely plan on passing it around the office. Best of all, it covers both Excel and Google Drive’s spreadsheet system. Given how many workplaces, groups, and individuals are migrating to Google’s cloud-based system, it was a welcome addition.”
  • “I have used Excel before but only in a limited fashion – this book taught me how to use formulas, make charts, and sort. I really liked the screenshots in the book because I could check to see if my sample spreadsheet matched the one in the book. I would definitely recommend this guide to a friend!”
  • “Fast and easy this book is everything it claims to be. The material presented is very basic but it is also incredibly accessible with step by step screenshots and a friendly tone more like a friend or co-worker explaining how to use Excel than a technical manual.”

All ebook titles can be purchased to read on Kindles, iPads, and other mobile devices. Dropbox In 30 Minutes, LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, Twitter In 30 Minutes, Content Marketing In 30 Minutes, Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes, and Excel Basics In 30 Minutes are also available in paperback. PDF versions for home printing are available, too.