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Twitter In 30 Minutes reviewed by Night Owl Reviews

By July 14, 2016News

Not long ago Twitter In 30 Minutes received one of its first professional reviews. Now Pamela Robinson of Night Owl Reviews has published a review, which you can see on the Night Owl site. This is what she had to say:

Ian Lamont is good at breaking down steps and organizing directions so that anyone can understand them. Twitter is a part of social media that seems to be here to stay. Knowing how to not only create an account, but to use it effectively is important.

This book goes through the steps of creating your own account, adding pictures to your profile, and how to find others on Twitter as well. I didn’t know that if an egg is showing in someone’s profile picture they are usually new and haven’t added anything yet.

I loved the suggestions about how to search for like-minded friends and businesses. Adding pictures and posting (only a short amount of characters) is fun. If you are using Twitter to promote something you will be glad to know you can link it to your Facebook page and it will automatically post there every time you ‘Tweet’. This is a lot of helpful information that can be read, and applied, in a short time.

Thank you, Pamela, for the review!

Twitter In 30 Minutes book reviewed by Night Owl Reviews

Twitter In 30 Minutes, 3rd Edition

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