Excel 2019 INTERMEDIATE Cheat Sheet (printed)


The four-panel Excel 2019 Intermediate Reference & Cheat Sheet covers functions and formulas (with examples), formatting, references, security, shortcuts, and other intermediate features of Microsoft Excel 2019 (Windows and macOS). Fully recyclable and designed for readability, hole-punched for three-ring binders. (ISBN: 978-1-64188-049-7)

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NEW FOR 2020! Do you need an intermediate desktop reference for Microsoft Excel 2019? The four-panel desktop reference and cheat sheet contains step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for commonly used intermediate-level features of Excel 2019. Instructions and examples apply to both the Windows and macOS versions of Excel 2019, and includes a list of keyboard shortcuts. Topics cover:

  • Join text and numbers
  • Exponents and roots
  • Order of operations & nested functions
  • Monthly loan payments example
  • Certificate of deposit’s future value example
  • Time differences
  • Sorting multiple columns
  • Merge cells
  • Convert text to columns
  • Find & Replace
  • Remove duplicates
  • Freeze row/column
  • Fill button
  • Fill a series
  • Creating static cell references
  • Referencing other worksheets
  • Format button
  • Cell Styles
  • Format Painter
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Lock a worksheet
  • Lock a file
  • Subtotal

The four-panel reference is printed on 8.5 by 11 inch high-quality card stock, perfect for desks, walls, and shelves. It has holes for three-ring binders. Fully recyclable and designed for readability.

The Excel 2019 INTERMEDIATE Reference and Cheat Sheet was created by the publisher of the award-winning IN 30 MINUTES guides and is based on Excel Basics In 30 Minutes.

The Excel 2019 INTERMEDIATE Reference and Cheat Sheet is an independent publication and is not affiliated with, nor has it been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

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