C. Diff In 30 Minutes

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If you or a loved one has C. diff, C. Diff In 30 Minutes can be an invaluable and expert resource to understand and deal with the infection. Add the book to your shopping cart or buy the Kindle or paperback edition on Amazon.

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Updated in 2016 with the latest information about hospital treatments! Have you been diagnosed with C. diff, or do you have a family member suffering from symptoms of a C. diff infection? Do you want to know what causes a Clostridium difficile infection, how to limit its spread, and modern treatment options?

Author and Harvard Medical School Professor J. Thomas Lamont, M.D. uses plain-English explanations and case studies to describe this unpleasant bacterial infection and how it can be successfully treated. One of the world’s top experts on C. diff, Dr. Lamont has conducted ground-breaking research on the bacterium and has helped thousands of patients struggling with C. diff.

Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is one of the most common hospital-acquired infections in the United States. In a recent study at a major Boston teaching hospital, nearly 1/3 of inpatients who were given antibiotics were infected with C. diff. More than half of these patients suffered from diarrhea and other symptoms. C. Diff In 30 Minutes covers:

  • The origins of C. diff
  • Cdiff symptoms
  • Four C. diff cases, from infection to cure
  • Antibiotics that can lead to C. diff infections
  • Treatment options, including antibiotics and cutting-edge procedures such as stool transfers (also known as fecal transplants)
  • How to limit the spread of C. diff
  • Recurring C. diff: What causes it, and special treatments
  • A glossary of medical terms
  • Online resources

C. Diff In 30 Minutes is not a DIY guide — a doctor is needed to diagnose and treat C. diff. However, this guide can help you understand what your doctor is recommending and why. If you or a loved one has C. diff, C. Diff In 30 Minutes can be an invaluable and expert resource to understand and deal with the infection.

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5 reviews for C. Diff In 30 Minutes

  1. Linda C.

    This has been the best information yet. I am a former c diff patient. My mother is currently hospitalized with it. We now know what to do for her and how to protect others over the next few months. Thank you for not limiting your series to only computer learning!

  2. K.S.

    When I learned in 2013 that I had c.diff, I found this little book to be a lifesaver!!! Many doctors don’t know what to tell patients regarding the best ways to treat c.diff, but from guidance in this book, it was a slow process, but I was able to fully recover in roughly 6 months. The book is WELL WORTH its nominal cost!!!

  3. John

    Got this for a loved one who is dealing with C. diff. While you could piece together the information via the web it’s nice to have it in a quick and thoughtfully laid out manner. We both learned a lot and feel more confident about the choices ahead.

  4. Katherine J.

    This is the only written book I could find that attempts to help me understand what’s happening with me. I sat up many nights while my husband was in bed … pouring over what he wrote, advice that was helpful, the charts letting me know how I got c-d, the medication chart letting me know helps and doesn’t and much more. It is a small book (I could have used more info on prevention in the house, anything special for soap to bathe with) but I do recommend the booklet.

  5. Bill E.

    Very concise and clear so it is a fast read about a scary infection. I found it very useful to understand how my wife got c.diff and what we need to understand about reinfection when she again needs surgery with and antibiotics that go with it.

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